Principal Instructor

Des McCulloch

Grade A Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI)
ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor Trainer
Fleet Driver Trainer (DSA FDT)


 Firstly I would like to thank Des. There must have been times when Des was as frustrated as I and wondered why I couldn’t remember the just rehearsed guidance.  He tried different approaches and slowly over time we got there.  He also made the sessions fun keeping a positive learning environment in place.  He also made himself available particularly through these early days of a pink licence and having live pupils for the first time, to answer questions and problem solve.  I owe him a lot and I appreciate all his effort, encouragement and tenacity.

Peter (Bedhampton) September 2016

 After failing on my first attempt at my part 3 (2/3) with another trainer I contacted Des just to see if a fresh pair of eyes may help me and it did, just 2 hours training gave me a better understanding and confidence, while I wasn't successful (3/4) it was a hairs breadth away. Undeterred I managed to get my 3rd  attempt just 4 days later, a quick call to Des got me another 2 hours the evening before, this time he mentioned something that instantly gave me a different perspective to approach the test and I passed with a 4/5.

If your struggling with any aspect of the ADI tests I cant recommend anybody more helpful.

Neil (isle of Wight ) April 2016

After starting my training a year ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Des and given the opportunity to choose him as my instructor. I quickly realised that I was learning “the Des Way”. Meaning that I was greeted with his humour and dedication that he brought to every lesson. This allowed me to relax and enjoy driving with him, which in turn meant that I could take on board more of the knowledge and understanding easily. I feel that this was a big part of my being able to pass part 3 first time.I would not hesitate to recommend Des as he is highly respected as a person and also as an Instructor trainer. Therefore should you be considering to start the driving instructor training course then he is the person I would highly recommend without a doubt.

Chris (Portland) 

I chose Des to be my ADI instructor because he is Ordit qualified and has an excellent reputation for his teaching. I am so pleased I did!
We've worked together on all three phases and I have just passed Part 3, first time. It takes a great deal of personal commitment and willingness to be pushed out of your comfort zone to achieve this qualification. Throughout this period Des has been unstintingly supportive and has guided me along this difficult path. His technical knowledge, mixed with Glaswegian sense of humour make him quite special and unique!

Julie (Hayling Island)

"I have just completed my ADI training with Des McCulloch and I past the Part 3 first time!! If you are contemplating becoming a driving instructor, then I can highly recommend training with Des McCulloch. To pass the 3 parts of the ADI test will take dedication and hard work from you. If you combine your hard work and dedication with Des's training style, which is, a balance of step-by-step guidance, professional pride, and a sprinkling of humour, then training with Des will give you every chance of success."

Mark (Portsmouth)

"I have just finished a year's training with Des to become an ADI. This process is extremely challenging and it takes an instructor who is professional, encouraging, honest and experienced enough to help you through this process. Des is all these things and more and I would strongly recommend him to anyone contemplating becoming a driving instructor."

Justin (Park Gate)

I have been training with Des since February 2011, for both the part 2 and part 3 ADI tests. He teaches in a relaxed and fun way in an effort to put you at ease from the very beginning. I would recommend him to anyone embarking on a career as a driving Instructor. I know without his encouragement and support I wouldn't have had the confidence to pass part 3 first time.

Marjorie (Southampton) 

"In 8 months I qualified as an ADI thanks to hard work, determination and an excellent trainer. Des worked very hard helping me conquer the core competencies which are essential for passing Part 3. Des gives clear and concise instruction and feedback as well as providing continuous encouragement and enthusiasm. Des patiently adapted his teaching methods to my levels of progress. I can highly recommend Des's positive teaching style."

Joanna (Winchester)