Principal Instructor

Des McCulloch

Grade A Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI)
ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor Trainer
Fleet Driver Trainer (DSA FDT)

Standards Check Training

Test of continued ability and fitness to give instruction (standards check)

Why take training?

The DSA standards check is a time where ADIs of varying degrees of experience can often come ill prepared for the occasion. As we all know this is an important time in the career of an ADI. The level of work you will expect to attract over the next few years will depend on the outcome of the test. Therefore, proper preparation is vital, to obtain the desired outcome on the day. Whether you are a newly qualified Instructor wishing to establish yourself in the industry or an experienced instructor looking for that long sought after higher grade. We at Radial Force can help you achieve your goal.

If you are in the process of preparing for your standards check or would like guidance in advance of a test we at Radial Force offer specialised training to help you achieve the desired result. Whether you decide on role play or using a current pupil we can prepare you fully for what lies ahead.

Current requirements

As traffic and legal conditions on the road change then so should we change in an effort to provide a high standard of teaching in line with the current situation facing inexperienced drivers on our roads.

If your teaching methods need to be updated and to make sure you are fully aware of the latest practices then let us at Radial Force provide you with that reassurance.

What we offer

At Radial Force we offer standards check training and refresher courses to suit all ADIs initially this will take the form of a comprehensive analysis of what will be required when you attend the test. This is then followed by an observed session either as a role play or with a live pupil. This helps provide an insight to how your pupil will cope with the examiner in the back on the actual day. A structured training program will then be agreed to be concluded by a written report.