Principal Instructor

Des McCulloch

Grade A Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI)
ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor Trainer
Fleet Driver Trainer (DSA FDT)


ORDIT Registered Driver Instructor Training

For course fees and options, please see ADI Training.

Learner Driver Training

£28 for the "Put us to the test" initial lesson
£33 for 60 minute lessons
£49 for 90 minute lessons
£65 for 120 minute lessons

Intensive Learner Driver Training

£320 for 10 hours
£630 for 20 hours
£930 for 30 hours
£1220 /  40 hours

Pass Plus Training

£195 for minimum 6 hours
Hampshire County Council currently provides reimbursement of some of the course fees if you meet the qualifying criteria. Full details are provided on the Hampshire County Council website.

Corporate Driver Training

We can cater for all types of courses including risk assessment and fuel efficient driving. All courses will encompass initial driver profiling, full vehicle safety checks and conclude with driver assessment and reporting. (Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.)

Standards Check Training

Assessments carried out as required at £36 per hour.