Principal Instructor

Des McCulloch

Grade A Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI)
ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor Trainer
Fleet Driver Trainer (DSA FDT)

The Driving Tests - Learner Training

Consists of a Theory test and a Practical test

The theory test can be taken either before or during your practical lessons. Only when you pass the theory can an application be made to take your practical test.

Theory Test

Multiple Choice

These questions will be a selection from the DSA bank and will include subjects such as: Alertness, Safety Margins, Vehicle Handling and Road & Traffic Signs.

Purchase of an All Tests CD-Rom is recommended.

You need to obtain 43 out of 50 to proceed.

Hazard Perception Test

This is a series of 14 video clips each lasting for about 60 seconds showing a variety of hazards that are frequently encountered out on the road.

Each time you see a developing hazard click the mouse to score points (the quicker you see the more points you gain).

One of the 14 clips will have two hazards on it giving you 15 hazards in total to identify.

Various Hazard Perception CD-ROMs are available to practice for this part of the test.

You need to obtain 44 out of 75 to proceed.

Practical Test

The test will take around 40 minutes and will assess your general driving on various types of road to include a manoeuvre.

During the test you will be asked to drive independently for around 10 minutes following a series of directions or to a set destination.

Throughout the test the examiner is mainly looking for you to be:

Tick In full control of the car

Tick Effectively Observant

Tick Considerate to all other road users

You are allowed to make up to 15 driving faults however these must not be of a serious or dangerous nature.